Certificate in Project Development Management (C-PDM)



The Certificate in Project Development Management is a four-module certificate that provides a holistic and in-depth understanding of project development and the processes of developing projects, which could be applied across different sectors.

Through the completion of this certificate, clients will be able to:

  • Identify the key issues and concerns related to each phase of the project lifecycle
  • Understand the various project management tools and solutions that they could apply at each of the project phases.

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Module 1: Project Development framework

Project Definition and Parameters

Overview of “Project” and “Project Management”

Project Development Plans

Phases of Project Development

Success and Failures of Projects

Module 2: Project Identification & Selection

Decision Making

Project Objectives

Evaluating Objective Alternatives

Effective Business Case

Project Definition

Stakeholders Management

Risk Management

Module 3: Detailed Development of Projects

Project Planning

Project Scope

Work Breakdown Structure

Resource Management


Development Budgeting

Module 4: Execution of Projects

Project Monitoring

Quality Management

Transition to Operations

This certificate is available for delivery in English and Spanish focused on group or in-house cohorts.

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