CP3P Preparation (Level 2) Training and Exam

Program Overview


The CP3P Preparation (Level 2) program is intended for individuals who are involved in the development or implementation of PPP Frameworks, or the initiation and preparation of PPP projects, mostly public sector officials, practitioners and their advisors or consultants.

This course is intended as a review and is delivered through a combination of self-guided modules and live sessions.

Participants are expected to have read and have an understanding of the material prior to the first live session. Participants must also successfully pass the CP3P Foundation (Level 1) exam before taking this course.

Included in this course: 

  • Three months access to the Toraza Zenith’s resource center
  • Six x 2-hour interactive live coaching sessions with an APMG accredited trainer
  • Summary videos
  • Sample exam
  • Test your knowledge standard questions
  • Exam registrations and proctor via ProctorU

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Course Modules

This course serves as an overview of Chapter 2 through 5 of the APMG Book of Knowledge and covers the following material:


  • Chapter 2 – Effective Frameworks
  • Chapter 3 – Project Identification and PPP Screening
  • Chapter 4 – Full Appraisal
  • Chapter 5 – Structuring and Drafting of the Contract and the Tender Documentation

Target Audience

Public sector officials and PPP practitioners, as well as their advisors and consultants, will find the exam beneficial to enhance their delivery of PPPs.

The private sector will also have an interest in this certification to better understand the PPP concept as an asset/business opportunity, Government objectives and institutional arrangements.

About The Exam

The CP3P Preparation exam tests the participant’s understanding of the PPP framework and application of PPP Project Identification, Screening, Appraisal and Preparation Processes. This is given within a governmental context and is aimed at individuals involved in the development or implementation of PPP frameworks or the initiation and preparation of PPP projects.

The exam is based on a fictional infrastructure PPP scenario and candidates will be required to apply their knowledge of the PPP Guide to the given situation.

The format of the exam is:

Open book (PPP Guide only)
Complex multiple choice
4 questions – 20 question items per question, each worth one mark
2.5 hours duration

Participants must achieve a score of 50% (40 marks) or more to pass the exam.

A comprehensive and in-depth version of this course is available for delivery to our in-house clients. Contact us at p3pm@toraza.ca for more information.

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