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The Business Case persuades and plays a large part in informing decision-makers as to when, or if, a project is worth pursuing. In too many cases, poorly thought out and written Business Cases result in halted projects or organizations spending money that may not have the expected return.

Better Business Cases™ training and certifications are based on the Five Case Model, the UK government’s best practice approach to developing spending proposals and enabling effective business decisions.

By the end of the certifications, participants can expect to:

  • Understand and apply the philosophy of the Five Case Model to business cases and other spending proposals
  • Understand different types of business cases, their purpose, who is responsible for them and when they are required
  • Understand the development lifecycle of a business case and the relationships between the five cases
  • Develop effective business cases and spending proposals that appropriately scope the initiative and secure funding and management support.

Foundation (Level 1)

The Better Business Case Foundation Level Certification provides a comprehensive overview of how to develop effective, thoughtful business cases and proposals based on the Five Case Model.

This includes looking at the philosophy and rationale of the Five Case Model; best practices; and the different types of business cases, when they are required and who is responsible for them.

Practitioner (Level 2)

The Better Business Case Practitioner Level Certification continues with the Five Case Model and explores the development lifecycle of a business case and the relationships between the five cases, and how to apply the steps in the development framework in order to support the production of a business case.

Our classroom training courses are now available online, via a custom and interactive portal.

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