Advisory and Consultancy Solutions

Complete P3 and Infrastructure Advisory Solutions

Toraza’s private sector advisory services include insights into project management, strategic corporate structuring, negotiating project agreements, and financial management. We offer our clients a more comprehensive approach to building capacity within their organization by offering front-end services relating to needs analysis and back-end service, providing independent oversight as well.

Capacity Building and Training Needs Analysis

Through a comprehensive consultation, Toraza helps clients identify how to most effectively leverage their current assets, identify areas for improvement, and assess potential opportunities for further training. If necessary, Toraza will develop a tailor-made training plan to ensuring clients are operating at maximum efficiency and capacity. 

Independent Oversight

P3 Units
Similar to P3 projects themselves, individual P3 units are comprised of diverse players. Toraza works with P3 units to anticipate potential issues and conflicts of interest, ensuring decisions are being made independent of personal interest and to the benefit of the project.

Project oversight provides clients with peace of mind in knowing they will be apprised and understand the context of the potential risks associated with a project and ensures the interests of all stakeholders are being taken into account. Toraza provides clients with an independent and thorough review of an infrastructure project, evaluating the necessary information to assess the validity of the data and to predict potential issues and risks in advance. Our team will be available as the project evolves from the planning phase through to completion.

The procurement of P3 projects is much more complex than traditional arrangements and requires a certain level of flexibility and negotiation in order to settle on the appropriate contract conditions. During this process, Toraza provides clients with the knowledge and expertise to navigate the financial aspect of P3 procurement, along with the expertise to assess the individual bidders and contracts.

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