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Expertly Plan and Manage Projects

From the critical stages of building the case for an infrastructure project, to planning, managing and implementing, clients can learn the most effective strategies to navigate and succeed in managing an infrastructure project.

Delivered in partnership with Training ByteSize, clients may choose from our carefully curated selection of APMG professional certifications.

Better Business Case Certification

The Better Business Cases™ training and certifications provide participants with the tools and methodologies to thoughtfully develop effective business cases and proposals based on the Five Case Model.

Certification available at the Foundation and Practitioner levels.

Project Planning &
Control Certification

Effective project planning and control is crucial in minimizing risk, keeping stakeholders informed and keeping to tight timelines and budgets. These certifications explore the appropriate processes and best practices needed to effectively plan and manage an infrastructure project.

Certification available at the Foundation and Practitioner levels.

Managing Benefits Certification

With accountability being more important than ever, this program may be of particular interest to senior executives as it guides participants through the process of effectively managing benefits, as this is a critical element in change management.

Strategy Implementation Professional Certification

Understand the importance and challenges of effective strategy implementation through the Strategy Implementation Institute’s Roadmap (SIR), which provides a step-by-step guide on how to successfully implement strategy.

Our classroom training courses are now available online, via a custom and interactive portal.

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