CP3P Foundation (Level 1) Training and Exam

Program Overview


The CP3P Foundation (Level 1) course is intended for individuals working at a basic level of PPP implementation and aims to standardize their knowledge of the PPP process and terminology, while preparing them for APMG’s Foundation Level exam and to participate meaningfully in the PPP process.

This course is intended as a review and is delivered through a combination of self-guided modules and live sessions. Participants are expected to have read and have an understanding of the material prior to the first live session.

Included in this course:

  • Three months access to the Toraza Zenith’s resource center
  • Three x 2-hour interactive live coaching sessions with an APMG accredited trainer
  • Summary videos
  • An easy guide: summary of Chapter 1 of Body of Knowledge
  • Sample exam
  • Test your knowledge standard questions
  • Exam registrations and proctor via ProctorU



The Easy Guide was exclusively prepared by TORAZA P3 Training for the sole purpose of supporting registered participants as they study the APMG Book of Knowledge Chapter 2 through 5 in preparation for the Preparation (Level 2) examination.

It provides a basic introduction to the key concepts, basic features and characteristics of PPPs. While it does provide a general overview of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), it is not intended to replace the APMG Book of Knowledge, which provides useful examples, additional information and interpretation of PPP and the PPP process. 

The CP3P Foundation (Level 1) is available for delivery in English and Spanish

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Course Modules

This course serves as an overview of Chapter 1 of the APMG Book of Knowledge and covers the following material:


  • Section 1 – Introducing and Scoping the PPP concept
  • Section 2 – What is and what is not PPP
  • Section 3 – Types of PPP and Terminology Issues
  • Section 4 – Where PPPs are used
  • Section 5 – Motivations for using PPPs: Caveats, Concerns and Introduction to the PPP Process Cycle
  • Section 6 – Typical basic structure of a PPP Project
  • Section 7 – How a Public Finance PPP Project is Financed
  • Section 8 – Causes of Project Failure
  • Section 9 – Framework Concept
  • Section 10 – Overview of PPP Process Cycle

Target Audience

The CP3P Foundation (Level 1) is aimed at individuals working at a basic level of PPP implementation, with little or no prior experience.

It aims to standardize their knowledge of the PPP process and terminology, as described in the PPP Guide and thus enabling them to participate in a team environment and move on to implementing the process.

The CP3P Foundation (Level 1) is a pre-requisite for the CP3P Preparation (Level 2) and the CP3P Execution (Level 3) programs.

About the Exam

The CP3P Foundation exam tests whether a participant has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the established procedures, rules and institutional responsibilities related to the selection, implementation and management of PPP projects, as outlined in the PPP Guide. This includes terms used, process sequences, and roles involved.

The format of the exam is:

Closed book
Multiple choice exam paper
50 questions
40-minute duration

Participants must achieve a score of 50% (25 marks) or more to pass the exam.

A comprehensive and in-depth version of this course is available for delivery to our in-house clients. Contact us at p3pm@toraza.ca for more information.

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