Certificate in Management of Public-Private Partnerships (C-MP3)

Effectively Manage P3 Projects

The Certificate in Management of Public-Private Partnerships (P3) was developed with both the public and private sectors in mind. The courses within were curated to provide clients with practical knowledge and the tools necessary to effectively manage a Public-Private Partnership project.

Through a combination of self-guided and interactive live sessions, each course aims to develop the client’s understanding, beginning with the fundamentals of the PPP/P3 processes, through managing risk, assets, and navigating contract handback.

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P3 Fundamentals (MP3-01)

Developed in partnership with the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP), this course provides a foundational understanding of the P3 delivery model, equipping beginners with the ability to identify and seize upon opportunities across the infrastructure sector.

This course is offered independently or as part of the C-MP3 Certificate.

Variations of the
P3 Model

This interactive course is intended for both public and private sector managers and covers the different contracting arrangements ranging from the conventional through to the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP/P3) model.

Creating an Effective Business Case

Clients are guided through the contents and progressive nature of an effective business case/feasibility study, along with the benefits of adopting the international business case model, while providing an understanding of the skills required to deliver an effective business case.

Managing Risk
in Projects

Clients are introduced to all aspects of risk management and its importance within a project or organization. Clients explore real working examples and are provided the tools and approaches needed to navigate and optimize outcomes within a project.

P3s: Managing Assets and Service Handback

This course explores the appropriate ways of managing project assets and the issues associated with P3 project handback to the public sector at, or before, the contract’s term. As well as the services at the contract’s term and consideration of their future provision.

This certificate is available for delivery in English and Spanish focused on group or in-house cohorts.

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