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Our CP3P training courses provide industry professionals with an understanding of the strategic framework for project development through the use of the PPP delivery model, in order to identify and structure opportunities across the infrastructure sector.

An initiative led by the World Bank and other Multilateral Development Banks, APMG’s “Certified PPP Professional” (CP3P®) is designed to bolster the knowledge of seasoned infrastructure development professionals in projects related to the Public-Private Partnership delivery model.

With the PPP Book of Knowledge (BoK) at its core, the certification is comprised of three levels, each with their own examination. Upon completion of the training, course participants will walk away with the skills-based resources necessary for the successful delivery of P3 projects, including financial support, strategic planning, and an in-depth understanding of the Public-Private Partnership ecosystem.

Operating as an affiliate of Training ByteSize Ltd. (UK), an APMG accredited training organization, Toraza is recognized as Canada’s sole provider of APMG’s “Certified PPP Professional” (CP3P®) Program on all three levels.

CP3P Foundation
(Level 1)

Develop a deep understanding of the P3 model through the CP3P Foundation course, in preparation for APMG’s CP3P Foundation level exam.

This course provides professionals with the knowledge, terminology, and an introduction to the standardized skills necessary to act as an informed and capable team member on a P3 project.

This course is a prerequisite for the next levels of the CP3P program.

CP3P Preparation
(Level 2)

Further master the P3 model through the CP3P Preparation course, in preparation for APMG’s CP3P Preparation level exam.

A deeper dive into the mechanics of P3 acquisition and delivery, this course focuses on establishing a P3 project framework, identifying and screening mandates, and the appraisal process of P3 projects.

Completion of the CP3P Foundation level course is required to pursue this course.


CP3P Execution
(Level 3)

Prepare for the final level of APMG’s CP3P Certification.

With effective project implementation at the centre of this course, participants will learn the tools and skills necessary for structuring and drafting tender and contract, awarding a contract and developing an efficacious delivery strategy.

 Completion of the CP3P Foundation level course is required to pursue this course.

Our classroom training courses are now available online, via a custom and interactive portal.

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