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TORAZA have been approved and accredited by APMG to deliver the CP3P Execution (Level 3) training and examination.

In partnership with The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP), we are currently preparing to deliver the first training session by early 2019.


I – Structuring and Drafting the Tender and Contract
a) Objectives of this Phase and Where We are in the Project Cycle
b) Overview of the Structuring Phase
c) Summary Description of Main Tasks to be Carried Out in the Structuring Phase
d) Financial Structuring (from the Public Perspective): Defining the Financial Structure and Payment Mechanism
e) Risk Allocation and Structuring
f) Testing, Marketing and Communicating the Project before Project Launch
g) Defining Qualification Criteria: Structuring and Drafting the RFQ
h) Structuring and Drafting the Request for Proposals. Defining Proposal Requirements and Evaluation Criteria
i) Defining and Drafting Other Commercial Terms and Contract Provisions [82]
j) Control Check and Approvals before Launching the Tender, and Planning Ahead

II – Tendering and Awarding the Contract
a) Objectives of this Phase and Where We are in the Project Cycle
b) Special Characteristics of the PPP Tender Process
c) Time to Prepare and Submit Offers: Requirements for Proper Assessment and Preparation by the Prospective Bidders
d) Managing Matters during the Bid Submission Stage in Open Tenders
e) Qualification Matters
f) Specific Matters on Managing Dialogue and Interactive Processes: Managing the Dialogue Period and One-on-One Meetings
g) Evaluation of Proposals
h) Negotiation with a “Preferred” Bidder
i) Award
j) Contract Signature
k) The Financial Close
l) Oversight / Integrity of the Tender Process

III – Strategy Delivery and Commissioning

1. PART A – Introduction to Contract Management
a) Definition of Contract Management in PPPs
b) Importance of Contract Management
c) Contract Management Framework

2. PART B – Construction Phase – Delivering and Commissioning
a) Overview of the Construction Phase
b) Monitoring Tasks during the Construction Phase
c) Change Management in the Construction Phase
d) Claims Management in the Construction Phase
e) Dealing with the Private Sector’s Underperformance and Non-Compliance during the Construction Phase
f) Issue Management and Dispute Resolution during the Construction Phase
g) Knowledge Management and Succession Planning

IV – Operations and Handback
a) Contract Management and Monitoring during the Operations Phase
b) Contract Management and Administrative Process
c) Managing Private Partner Under-performance and Non-Compliance
d) Managing Finances
e) Regulatory Requirements
f) Variation Management
g) Relationship Management, Issue Management, and Dispute Resolution
h) Managing Expiry, Default, and Early Termination Processes

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