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Our Consultancy Services

Transactional Management
Project Development

Our Project Development Team focuses on PPP and other delivery model projects and is involved in leading the development of infrastructure and commercial projects through a total solution approach on behalf of the client/owner ensuring efficient delivery of the project.

• Sourcing and Appointing of Project Transactional Advisors and Work Teams

• Strategic Structuring and Negotiations of Project Agreements

• Soliciting and Prequalifying of EPC Contractors

• Structuring and Development of Operations & Maintenance Arm

• Structuring Stakeholder Management Plans

• Structuring of SPV and commercial arrangements

Transactional Management
Project Implementation

Our Project Implementation Team focuses on the implementation of projects from pre-construction through to the operational phase. Our team works with our clients to ensure the most effective and efficient approach is applied in delivering a project within budget, on time and in accordance with the quality specifications set.

• Preparation of Technical & Commercial Bids

• Administration and Issuing of Bids

• Preparation of Instructions to Bidders

• Compiling the Bid Packages

• Preparation of Technical & Commercial Structures

• Soliciting & Qualification of PC Contractors,Subcontractors & Suppliers

• Evaluation of Bids

• Administration of Project Contracts and Subcontracts

• Management of Vendors and Logistics

• Management of Local Project Setup and Subcontracting

• Structuring of Execution Strategies

• Development of Detailed Project Plans & Schedules

• Conducting Technical & Commercial Audits

• Project Management Support Tasks

COrporate and commercial services

Our Commercial Consultancy team has strong entrepreneurial experience involved in the establishment and operations of businesses across various sectors and focus on supporting private entities and institutions in achieving success.

• Corporate Structuring / Restructuring

• Transactional and contractual negotiations

• Financial and commercial restructuring

• Costing and pricing strategies

• Financial Feasibilities

• Business Plans

• Market and focus group studies

• Export / Import Strategies

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