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Practical Guide for the Implementation of the Prompt Payment &
Adjudication Regime Act

Managing construction projects are complex and contain many moving pieces. To mitigate payment delays and issues, the Council of Ontario Construction Association brought forward the Prompt Payment & Adjudication Act to establish guidelines regarding the processes, rights, and obligations of those involved in construction projects.

Applicable to projects that began on or after October 1, 2019, the Act provides guidance to owners, contractors, and subcontractors on how to promptly receive their payments and inexpensively resolve any construction-related payment disputes.

Our new Practical Guide for the Implementation of Prompt Payment and Adjudication Regimes course and software tracker, developed in partnership with TNA Global Consult, breaks down the details of the Act and provides industry professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to understand and leverage the Act to best mitigate payment issues and delays.

Through this program, participants will also be introduced to our proprietary tracker system, which will allow businesses to effectively track and manage their invoices and payment statuses.

Sustainable Public-Private Partnership (P3/PPP) Development Certification (SP3D)

Governments across the continent are investing heavily in Infrastructure as part of their collective effort to “Build Back Better”, aligning with the global goal of establishing more sustainable infrastructure development projects.

GPM, the global leader in sustainable project management, and Toraza Zenith, a Canadian P3 and Infrastructure Development training and consultancy firm have developed a Certification program on Sustainable Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) for the North American and international markets.

The aim of this certification, which will be delivered over three days, is to educate professionals with practical, sustainable solutions that impact large-scale delivery and enable organizations to improve Return on Investment and reduce risk.

This program is now available for delivery, click below to learn more. 

Principles of Ethics in P3s

Developed in partnership with TNA Global Consult, the Principles of Ethics in P3s workshop is designed to provide participants, in both the private and public sectors, with a detailed, practical understanding of the ethics and best practices that need to be applied in P3 projects, ensuring the concerns of project stakeholders are addressed.

Fundamentals of Infrastructure Development

This workshop provides general management and practicing professionals with an understanding of the strategic framework for the development and management of infrastructure projects over its lifecycle.

Participants will receive an overview of how to plan and execute infrastructure projects in an efficient, effective, and sustainable manner.

Guide to Procuring Transactional Advisors for Infrastructure Projects 

The procurement of advisors is normal practice, as a team, a set of individuals, or sometimes as a mix of both – but have you ever really considered what is the best way to procure and manage advisors?

This 3-hour workshop describes why, when, and how to procure external advisors and considers the reasons and best practices in how consultancy skills should be procured.

Understanding the Lifecycle of an Infrastructure Development Project

This 3-hour workshop describes the end-to-end project process and the associated terminology for infrastructure projects from initial concept through to contract term.

For completeness, the workshop will commence with the initial project concept considering the phases associated with a typical DBFOM through to the activities that need to be undertaken to exit at contract term.

Prioritizing Infrastructure Maintenance

When neglected, infrastructure may generate unnecessary costs for families, firms, and society at large. Maintenance can have a significant impact on social, economic, and environmental aspects.

This 3-hour workshop describes the importance of focusing on the maintenance of existing infrastructure including repair and renewal, making the business case taking into account the environmental and social impacts. At the same time, it considers how the progress of time and changes in society impact the decision-making processes.

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