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Effective strategy implementation is a vital skill within any business or project, and is in high demand for organizations across the globe. The Strategy Implementation Professional certification program has been developed by the Strategy Implementation Institute and provides support to those passionate about implementation, allowing them to learn, share and grow. Training and certification are reinforced by the Institute’s Strategy Implementation Roadmap© (SIR), which provides a step-by-step guide on how to implement a strategy.

Project, Change and Benefits Managers, along with Middle Managers will find value in this certification as it helps participants to: 

  • Understand the challenges of implementation
  • Adopt a road map to guide an organization through the implementation journey
  • Develop the skills and tools to be an implementation specialist
  • Understand how to lead and direct a strategy team
  • Avoid the common pitfalls that cause more implementations to fail than succeed
  • Identify what will work (and won’t work) for your organization
  • Acquire a globally recognized certification and be recognized by peers
  • Join, participate in and contribute to a community of implementation specialists
  • Become a contributor to the Institute’s resources and services

Our classroom training courses are now available online, via a custom and interactive portal.

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