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Competitive Negotiations in the Procurement of a Smart City Project

Learn to Negotiate Effectively in the Procurement Process

We are living in a time when governments are increasingly looking for sustainable solutions and smart cities. This implies finding solutions in partnership with developers, public parties and knowledge institutes. Organizing a competitive dialogue with the development parties can be especially challenging to be able to forge a successful partnership and achieve success.

In this eSimulation you can experience how such a market dialogue can take place in an objective and transparent fashion enabling all parties to obtain value for money.

The eSimulation starts with an introduction to the smart city project and the competitive dialogue. It will bring the participants up to speed in order to get as much out of the eSimulation as possible.

After that you will start working for the Municipality of Drylands or for one of the candidates/consortia in the procurement dialogue. The Municipality of Drylands has the ambition to turn their municipality into a Smart City. It has therefore launched a tender to enter into a public private partnership.

You kick off the dialogue, hold multiple dialogue meetings and in the meantime you also have to answer the questions on the procurement platform and finalize the Request for Proposals. At the end of the day you will know if you got the most out of the dialogue.

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By facilitating a fruitful dialogue, developers will obtain valuable insight in the dilemmas the public parties are facing while organizing a market dialogue on smart cities.

The government representatives will get to the doubts, risks and needs for a developer to be able to join a dialogue and present a winning bid.

As a participant, you will quickly go through the entire negotiation and proposal phases. You will be confronted with the dilemmas that you will also encounter in a real negotiation.

At the end of the eSimulation you will experience what it means to be a member of a negotiating team. You would apply the theory to practice and feel more confident the moment you start the negotiation process in real life.

    Target Audience

    The negotiations eSimulation is designed for groups from 12 participants. In an in-house version, we can also provide a version starting at 8 participants.

    Any professional working on the initiation, development, contract management and implementation of a Smart City project, and any professional who will be organizing or participating in a procurement negotiation process.

    The eSimulation is a perfect start to speed up a project team that will conduct a procurement negotiation or needs to know what a procurement negotiation entails.

    It can also be used as a kick-off with all parties (government and developer) to be played, especially if they have not done a (smart city) negotiation before.


    Course Duration:
    10 hours


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