Project Development Management

Develop and Manage Infrastructure Projects in an Efficient, Effective and Sustainable Manner


The Project Development Management Workshop provides project professionals with an in-depth understanding of the strategic framework required to manage and develop infrastructure projects over their life cycles. This workshop provides participants with a well-rounded knowledge of the five lifecycle phases for developing an infrastructure project.

The Project Development Management Workshop is intended for team members who are involved in the procurement and management of infrastructure projects such as government authorities, developers, financing institutions, contractors and operators.

Participants Will Gain an In-Depth Understanding of:

  • The what, how, who, when and why of infrastructure planning
  • Program and project management
  • The importance of business cases and project selection
  • The importance of identifying and managing stakeholders and risks
  • How to plan for projects through work breakdown structures, scheduling and budgeting
  • The importance and role of contract management
  • How to source services effectively
  • Ways to monitor project progress and quality


Participants of the Project Development Management Workshop are Provided With:

  • Hands-on application exercises
  • A Reference Guide for exclusive use and guidance

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