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Toraza Zenith Privacy Policy

The privacy of individuals connected with our business, including our customers, contractors, employees, independent operators and website visitors has always been and continues to be a great importance to Toraza Zenith. Guarding personal information in strict confidence is a cornerstone of our business. Regardless of how the range of products we offer our customers expands and the technology we use changes, we will always strive to protect the privacy of personal information subject to any consent an individual has provided for its use.
This policy is part of Toraza Zenith’s commitment to ensure that all personal information of individuals in its possession is protected and used in accordance with the law. Privacy laws in Canada are constantly evolving, and therefore this policy is subject to change without notice. Personal information is any information about an identifiable person other than name, title, and business address and business telephone number of a person. It includes such things as a person’s home address, date of birth, social insurance number, and medical and financial information. With respect to customers, such information is collected primarily in connection with products provided by Toraza Zenith. Employees may be asked to provide such information to Toraza Zenith in connection with matters relating to their employment.

In all cases, Toraza Zenith is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals and the integrity of their personal information. Toraza Zenith will not collect, use or disclose the personal information of a person without the individuals knowledge and consent, except in certain limited circumstances permitted by law, such as where the immediate health of a person is at risk, or in connection with the breach of an agreement or a law.

Toraza Zenith will protect the personal information by the use of security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. These safeguards used by Toraza Zenith will include physical measures for example, locking filing cabinets and restricted access to offices, organizational measures for example, security clearances and limiting access of information on a “need to know” basis and technological measures for example, the use of passwords and encryption. Toraza Zenith will ensure that its employees who are in contact with personal information are trained in the appropriate protection of personal information and that they are aware if the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of personal information. Employees are required to abide by this policy.

A person about whom personal information is kept may challenge Toraza Zenith concerning its compliance with this policy. Complaints and questions regarding Toraza Zenith’s compliance with this policy may be made in writing to the Toraza Zenith Human Resources Manager at 317 Adelaide Street west, Toronto, Ontario , M5V 19P or by phone at 905-581-5090 or by email at Toraza Zenith has procedures in place to receive and respond to inquiries or complaints about this policy and its practices relating to the personal information.

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