Public-Private Partnership (PPP) TRAINING

Experience the working of DBFM through the PPP eSimulation Game, an
interactive virtual workshop


Toraza Zenith Inc. is proud to deliver the PPP eSimulation, in partnership with Madenco, developer and blended learning leader in the Netherlands. The game has been experienced by more than 1,000 participants, including the Ministry of Infrastructure in the Netherlands, and senior public officials from various European countries as well as countries in Asia and Africa. The games are played in the framework of specific PPP contracts, during their implementation phase. A series of contractual events take place during the game sessions to which game participants must react and take decisions, with the support of expert facilitators. A debriefing takes place at the end of each game, to reflect on the decisions taken during the workshop. Participation in a workshop/game session offers hands-on training and capacity-building to both public and private practitioners with an opportunity to work as closely as possible on a real-life project over its lifespan. The PPP eSimulation game is available to individual participants as well as to organizations, seeking virtual in-house opportunities. Such organizations are invited to reach out directly to Toraza.

The PPP eSimulation Game consists of 4 virtual sessions of 90 – 120 minutes each

The PPP Game takes participants through time to experience the types of events that take place during the implementation phase of P3 contract in the transport sector over a period of 25 years. In effect, the game participants are taking an internship in the future through an action learning experience.

In order to interact with your teammates, your contract partners and facilitators, the BigBlueButton platform will be utilized. It is therefore recommended that participants familiarize themselves with the platform, prior to the session.

Day 1 – Introduction to the PPP Contract (90 minutes)
Day 2 – 1990 to 1995 (120 minutes)
Day 3 – 1995 to 2005 (90 minutes)
Day 4 – 2005 to 2015 & Project Evaluation (120 minutes)


PPP eSimulation Game Facilitators


Obbe WassenaarObbe Wassenaar – Lead Facilitator

Obbe Wassenaar is a Senior Advisor and is a specialist in the procurement of public-private partnerships. His main role is to advise on the structuring and procurement of PPP projects, mostly in infrastructure. Obbe’s experience ranges from a broad range of projects both locally and internationally related to infrastructure, office buildings, utilities, harbours, Smart Cities, IT and water projects. He is a specialist in the competitive dialogue tendering process and has trained and mentored more than 20 project teams both in the Netherlands and internationally.


Jean-Isamu TaguchiJean-Isamu Taguchi – Facilitator

Jean-Isamu Taguchi is a Doctor of Law specialized in infrastructure development. He wrote his Ph.D. thesis on the sustainability in PPPs in economic infrastructures. He works with Madenco on the development of sustainability issues of PPP eSimulations. Jean-Isamu has also worked for the World Bank and the EIB in their respective PPP departments as a consultant, developing knowledge management products and providing advice on the scope and structure of PPPs in the waste management and transport sectors.

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