Public-Private Partnership (PPP) ONLINE TRAINING



Toraza is proud to offer a suite of e-training opportunities, designed to improve the skills of professionals, from the comfort of their own space. Our online courses are built to provide capacity building opportunities in infrastructure development projects related to Public-Private Partnerships (P3) delivery models. Toraza is the only Canadian company accredited to deliver the Certified PPP Professional (CP3P®) program.

Participants can register for the e-P3 Fundamentals and e-CP3P courses at any time while the PPP e-Simulation Game is scheduled and requires live participation.

e-P3 Fundamentals

Toraza’s e-P3 Fundamentals workshop is designed to provide participants in both the private and public sectors with a detailed, practical understanding of the P3 delivery model . Developed in partnership with the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships, the e-P3 Fundamentals workshop session provides participants with a foundational understanding of Public-Private Partnerships and equips professionals with the ability to identify and seize upon opportunities across the infrastructure sector.

e-CP3P Online Certification

Delivering all three levels of APMG’s CP3P® via an e-training experience, Toraza Zenith Inc. offers the e-CP3P program. By registering, participants have access to digital learning materials, recorded webinars and virtual sample questions and exams through an online learning portal. In an effort to fuel interactive learning experiences, participants can submit questions throughout the training, which will be compiled and addressed by one of our accredited trainers in a live and interactive webinar session. Upon completion of each level, participants will have the opportunity to complete an online examination directly through APMG.

PPP e-Simulation Game

Toraza Zenith Inc. is proud to deliver The PPP e-Simulation, in partnership with Madenco, developer and blended learning leader in the Netherlands. The games are played in the framework of specific PPP contracts, during their implementation phase. Participation in a workshop/game session offers hands-on training and capacity-building to both public and private practitioners with an opportunity to work as closely as possible on a real-life project over its lifespan.

The CP3P logo is a registered trade mark of The APM Group Limited. All Rights Reserved. This course is offered in connection with our training partner Training Bytesize who are an Accredited Training Organisation Accredited by APMG International.