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Training In Infrastructure Development


Toraza Zenith Inc. has developed specialized programs that deliver in depth understanding of nine key functionalities across infrastructure projects. Each program aims to deliver the fundamental knowledge related to each functionality. Programs are aimed at executive and management level individuals, working in various disciplines (general management, finance, engineering, legal, human resources, planning, operations and maintenance) who are interested in obtaining the necessary knowledge on key functions across the lifecycle of infrastructure projects.


Infrastructure Development

Gain an understanding of the strategic framework for the development of infrastructure projects over its lifecycle. Provides an overview for executing infrastructure projects in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner.

Project Management In Infrastructure

Gain an understanding of project management based on PMI project management body of knowledge and develop skills and strategies for working within the organizational structure and diverse team members and across business units.


Provides general management and professionals with an understanding of contract management principles and application concepts in relation to infrastructure projects.

Project Issues

Develop an understanding of concepts and tools necessary to solve problems, deal with issues during the project cycle and to make decisions or recommend actions for improvement.

Change Management in Projects

Provides an understanding of change management principles and application concepts in relation to infrastructure projects.

People and Team Management

Equips general management and professionals with the concepts and tools to set goals and objectives for themselves and others, build motivation and commitment to achieve them as well as to monitor progress against the goals.

Managing Communication In Projects

Gain the expertise to communicate internally and externally with all stakeholders for project progress, issues and risks. Learn about the required tools such as: progress reports, meeting agendas and outputs that enable better communication.

Conflict Management in Projects

Develop a thinking process for recognizing and for resolving work-related issues and conflicts in infrastructure projects.

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