Public-Private Partnership (PPP) TRAINING

Gain a Well-Rounded Understanding of The P3 Delivery Model Through
The e-P3 Fundamentals


Toraza’s e-P3 Fundamentals workshop is designed to provide participants in both the private and public sectors with a detailed, practical understanding of the P3 delivery model. Developed in partnership with the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships, the e-P3 Fundamentals workshop session provides participants with a foundational understanding of Public-Private Partnerships and equips professionals with the ability to identify and seize upon opportunities across the infrastructure sector. The e-P3 Fundamentals workshop is intended for any professional who is interested in expanding their knowledge and understanding of PPPs.

During the 90 minute, Virtual Session, Participants Will Gain an In-Depth Understanding of:

  • The terminology used in PPPs, the reasons for using the PPP approach
  • The typical arguments for and against the P3 Model
  • Who finances P3s and who pays for them
  • The requirements to encourage PPP success
  • What to look for and negotiate in a PPP contract
  • The effort required to deliver a PPP project
  • The current state of the PPP market


The CP3P logo is a registered trade mark of The APM Group Limited. All Rights Reserved. This course is offered in connection with our training partner Training Bytesize who are an Accredited Training Organisation Accredited by APMG International.